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Ways and Means Advances Trade Priorities and Accountability Act

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April 23, 2015 | Robert Swift (202-225-3031) | comments

WASHINGTON — Today, the House Ways and Means Committee favorably voted to send important trade legislation, the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act, to the full House of Representatives. The legislation passed the Committee on a 25-13 vote, with two Democrats joining all Committee Republicans in support. First District Congressman and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released the following statement. 

"Today we took an important step toward a healthier economy and stronger American leadership in the world. This bill will help us achieve the best trade agreements for American workers and job creators. It will allow the United States—instead of China—to write the rules of the economy. And it will hold the president accountable to Congress. TPA puts Congress in the driver's seat of trade negotiations and provides the transparency that Americans deserve. I want to thank all the members of the Committee who helped us get here, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House to pass this bill into law soon."

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