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Recap: Ryan Hears from Wisconsinites at Eight Listening Session

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October 06, 2015 | Ian Martorana (202-225-3031) | comments
Washington, DC — On October 2 and 5, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) held a series of listening sessions throughout southern Wisconsin to speak with his employers about the key legislative items before the House of Representatives and to answer questions about a variety of federal issues.

Over the two days of the sessions, Congressman Ryan addressed over 650 constituents in Eagle, Franklin, Milton, Janesville, Elkhorn, Burlington, Racine, and Kenosha. During those meetings, Ryan discussed the need to fix our tax code, the threat of rising debt, the benefits of free and fair markets, and the failure of the Obama foreign policy.

Racine Journal Times:
With PowerPoint slides at his disposal, Ryan called for tax and immigration reform and health care changes and slammed President Barack Obama on ISIS, the national debt and other issues.

He even took a question from his Democratic challenger in next year’s election, Tom Breu, who asked Ryan to name his biggest policy achievements. The nine-term congressman pointed to budgets passed under his leadership and his work to address poverty.

“This is why I’m staying in the job I have right now and not trying for something else,” said Ryan, whose district includes all of Racine County. “Because I think it can make a big difference in the next presidency … a lot of these issues are not going to be solved now but they must be solved soon.”

Janesville Gazette:
Defended his record on immigration, noting he has advocated for reform of the immigration system. He criticized Obama, saying that if the president hadn't unilaterally issued an order giving legal status to people who were brought here illegally as children, Congress might have worked on legislation to solve the problems. But the executive order sent the issue to the courts, postponing any legislative solution, Ryan said.

Criticized Obama's “catastrophic mistakes” in Syria, including failure to act after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad dropped chemical weapons on civilians. Obama had drawn a line in the sand regarding the use of chemical weapons but failed to act when it happened, Ryan said, which led to the current problems. 

Said the nuclear deal with Iran is bad for a number of reasons, including that it removed sanctions against Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran's Quds Force, who many see as a prime supporter of terrorist groups.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
"I think it's horrible that these workers are being laid off at GE and I can't help but think that there have to be other reasons. Canada has a 15% tax rate and we have a 35% tax rate to name one reason," the Janesville Republican said Monday afternoon following a town-hall meeting with constituents at Snap-on Tools.

"I can't imagine a company the size of GE that had tens of billions in revenue can't finance some of its own purchases. This is a bank with a lot of political clout where 10 companies get two-thirds of its money. Most small businesses don't get that, most people don't get to have federally funded loans for their sales overseas. So I've got to think there are other issues at play here. I don't think we should sit in Washington and pick winners and losers."

Kenosha News:
The list of things Ryan wishes Congress could tackle is long: Immigration, Planned Parenthood funding, the tax code, foreign policy, environmental regulations and overturning the Affordable Care Act, to name a few.

“The only real substitute for fixing an abuse of power or bad decisions is to win an election,” Ryan said. “Elections have consequences. If you can’t win an election, you can’t fix these things.”

Fox 6:
"Our tax laws are so messed up, it's pushing American jobs overseas, and we've got to fix that."

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