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Ryan Previews Upcoming Town Hall with Millennials

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April 25, 2016 | Ian Martorana (202-225-3031) | comments
WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, spoke with WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes and WRJN’s Glenn Klein.

Excerpts of Ryan’s answers follow:

Previewing his town hall at Georgetown University:

“[There is] a different kind of politics I think we ought to be looking at, that is different in tone and temperament; that is aspirational and inclusive. Also, I want to acquaint millennials with conservatism; how our principles applied to the problem of the day . . . [will] give young people more control over their lives and their destiny and guarantee a more prosperous future.”

“[Conservatism] gives people in our community more power and more control over their lives, their destiny, and their communities and it’s the best way for a prosperous future so that people can have the most opportunities going forward. And I think we as conservatives should be happy to share this with young people because they are our future. That’s cliché to say, I know, but I just don’t think young people have been well acquainted enough with the tenets of conservatism which is really natural law, natural rights, freedom, and free enterprise, limited government, self-determination, [and] upward mobility.”

Crafting an agenda to take to the country:

“This is what our five point agenda is all about. The first . . . plank is economic growth, and the cornerstone of that is tax reform. The Ways and Means Committee, with its task force, is working on a tax reform plan to present, that we would run on. In order to do really big and bold things in 2017, we believe we need to ask permission from the country, and make it really clear what it is we would do so we could earn the right and mandate to do it, and tax reform will be a piece of that.”

Addressing President Obama’s comments on “Brexit” in London:  

“I think it was a big mistake. I think he should not have done that. I don’t think we should butt our noses into other countries’ internal decisions like that. We will support our relationship with Britain regardless of what they do. England is our greatest ally. We have a special relationship, and you can air quote ‘special relationship’ because it truly is a special relationship. And our relationship with England will be just as strong and deep in ties if they stay or go, whether they leave or stay, regardless. And we should leave this up to the British people, and we should keep our nose out of their business.”

Perfecting the #SpeakerSelfie:

“I have really long arms and I’ve become acquainted with everybody’s brand of cell phone and how to take these things. I find most people don’t know how to flip the image to do a selfie so it’s just easier if I do it anyway. It’s just one of those things that’s kind of come with the territory.”
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