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Ryan Discusses A Better Way with WCLO’s Tim Bremel

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June 20, 2016 | Ian Martorana (202-225-3031) | comments

WASHINGTON, DC Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, recently spoke with WCLO’s Tim Bremel about A Better Way.

Excerpts of Ryan’s answers follow:

Detailing the House Republican Agenda, A Better Way:

“We’ve rolled out about four of our six proposals. Number one, our plan for combating poverty and getting people from welfare to work. Number two, our plan for national security, including 67 recommendations for how to keep our homeland safe, how to keep ourselves safe and win the war on terror. Number three, our regulatory relief agenda, which is really stifling small businesses and job creation. Number four, how do we restore the separation of powers? How do we make sure the government works for us and is accountable to us?”

Next week, we’re going to roll out our vision for patient-centered healthcare. What can you replace [Obamacare] with? And how do you clean up the tax code? How do you give citizens, small businesses, and families a simple and fair and pro-growth tax system? These are the things we want to take to the country. . . . That’s what our agenda is going to be. We call it A Better Way. You can go to www.better.gop.”

“This isn’t a 30-second sound bite. This is real substance that we want to engage our constituents and our fellow citizens with, which is what we think are [the] reforms that are necessary to give us a government that’s accountable, to give us a government that’s efficient, and also to give us the kind of policies we need to get our economy growing, to get wages growing, to get people out of poverty and keep us safe. It’s a border-security plan. It’s a plan to modernize our military. It’s a plan to give us patient-centered health care so we don’t have double-digit premium increases every year like we’re having these days. It’s a new tax system, so that we can actually have faster economic growth that helps manufacturers and makes it easier for families to fill out their tax forms. And it’s also, regulatory, constitutional reforms which amount to [this]: Congress should write laws, not unelected bureaucrats.”

The point is, these are big problems, and we have very specific solutions. We have to show people our solutions to problems that improve their lives.”


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