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Ryan: ‘We are executing the plan that we ran on’

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May 12, 2017 | Ian Martorana (202-225-3031) | comments

WASHINGTON – Today, Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, spoke with WIBA’s Vicki McKenna.

Tackling the country’s big problems:

“That is why we spent you know the better part of the year working on an agenda—I’m talking about 2016, to be executed in 2017—and now we are in the middle of executing it. We passed our health care bill last week; we’ve got a lot of regulatory reforms done; we are bringing our Dodd-Frank bill through the system now; and then we are back to work on tax reform. So there are so many things we are doing because we are executing the plan that we ran on.”

“We showed the country what an agenda that fixes the country’s problems looks like, we won the election, and now we feel we have an obligation and a duty to [do] those things.”

Fixing the American health care system:

“The individual market, the Obamacare system is collapsing. And we have to rescue people from this collapsing law and that is why we are replacing it with a patient center health care system. We think [that] gets us a far better system so people can get lower premiums, including people with preexisting conditions.”

“We maintain multiple layers of protection for people with preexisting conditions in this bill. And we also gives states, like Wisconsin, the ability to customize the insurance market so that we can lower premiums for everybody but require a state like Wisconsin, if we were to get a waiver, that they have a risk system in place to protect that very person with a catastrophic illness, with a preexisting condition. You can’t be denied healthcare because of your preexisting condition. You have continuous coverage so you can move from plan to plan without having a problem with rates. And more importantly, what these waivers allows us to do is go back to a system we like is Wisconsin which is the risk share program; we had a really good high risk pool.”

“So we have shown in Wisconsin that we know how to have a more competitive insurance market so that we have more choices and lower premiums, including making sure that everyone with a catastrophic illness gets good affordable coverage. That’s what we want to get to, that’s not what we’ve got in Obamacare.”

Wielding the Congressional Review Act:

“There is one tool that we have in Congress called the Congressional Review Act that we can use to go after recent regulations to get rid of those regulations. . . . And we have used it 13 times this year . . .  to get rid of job killing regulations that came near the end of the Obama administration. Things from you know, killing coal country jobs and energy jobs, to things that effect small business.”

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