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Back Home in Janesville

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June 02, 2017 | Ian Martorana (202-225-3031) | comments

When Congress isn’t in session, Paul spends his time meeting with his employers in the First District. Sometimes this means taking questions from students or touring a business and participating in an employee Q&A.

Other days, Paul holds office hours with constituents. Below are four photos from some of his meetings today:

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Paul meets with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, which is a 102 year-old community organization focusing on philanthropy and charitable giving in the greater Milwaukee County area. This foundation gives grants to local charitable organizations to meet the needs of their neighborhoods and communities.

Milton School District Officials

Paul listens to officials from the Milton School District about the importance of technology in educating young Americans.

Kathy and Wayne Heglund, and Lorraine Rohleder

Kathy and Lorraine’s brother, US Marine Corps CPL Kenneth McGuire was wounded (for the third time) in action on September 20, 1968 from a gunshot wound to the right arm. He was evacuated to a hospital in Okinawa, Japan where he died on September 28, 1968.

Finally, and with assistance from Paul and our constituent services team, CPL McGuire’s name was added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall on Memorial Day 2017.

Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA)

Paul discusses health care reform with the WHA.

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