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  • Ryan talks Republican role in a divided government
    Jan 29, 2013  - BY ALISON BAUTER, Racine Journal Times RACINE — Republicans couldn’t capture the majority in November’s national elections, and now they’re left to do what they can — and, morally, what they must — to protect the nation’s financial future, according to U. S. Rep. Paul Ryan. That’s the role in which... More
  • Paul Ryan outlines his priorities for GOP
    Jan 29, 2013  - By Don Walker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said Monday that the Republican Party needs to show the nation that it has a better set of solutions "for fixing the real anxieties people have in their lives." "I think we lost the war on poverty. We need to fix it. I think we have a deb... More
  • Prudent Paul Ryan
    Jan 28, 2013  - By Robert Costa, National Review For a moment last Friday, Paul Ryan had the makings of a man on a national ticket. When he arrived at the J. W. Marriott hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., reporters asked him a flurry of questions about Mitt Romney, and then security guards whisked him through the ... More
  • GOP principles sound, Paul Ryan says
    Jan 24, 2013  - By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel As Republicans sort through their postelection woes, House budget chair Paul Ryan says the GOP should follow a strategy of "principled prudence" - another term for "choosing our fights wisely." "Prudence is a virtue, and we shouldn't forget that," Ryan said d... More
  • Paul Ryan: Victorious Obama seeks to 'delegitimize' GOP; party needs 'prudence' in coming fights
    Jan 23, 2013  - By Byron York, The Washington Examiner Rep. Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committeee chairman and defeated vice presidential candidate, has made his most extensive statement yet on the consequences of the Romney/Ryan loss to President Obama and what it means for Republicans in the next few years. Spea... More
  • Safari Club International to honor Congressman Paul Ryan
    Jan 19, 2013  - By Steve Waters, Sun Sentinel Safari Club International will honor Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as the 2013 SCI Federal Legislator of the Year. The award will be presented during the Jan. 25 banquet at the 41st annual Safari Club International Hunters' Convention. "No other legislator is more ... More
  • Paul Ryan: GOP Mulling Short-Term Debt Limit Hike
    Jan 17, 2013  - By John Parkinson, ABC News As House Republicans gather at a private retreat in Williamsburg, Va., to plot a course to address the next string of fiscal deadlines facing Congress this spring, Rep. Paul Ryan, the former Republican nominee for vice president, told reporters today that conservatives co... More
  • Ryan Goes After Obamacare in First Post-Election Appearance Here
    Jan 13, 2013  - By Denise Lockwood and Heather Asiyanbi, Caledonia Patch In Paul Ryan’s first appearance in his home state since his failed vice presidential bid, the Republican congressman took aim squarely at Obamacare — and warned that if changes aren’t made, insurance and the health-care system will fall apart.... More
  • Paul Ryan defends fiscal cliff vote: ‘Now we can finally debate spending’
    Jan 3, 2013  - By Alex Pappas, The Daily Caller Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday defended his vote for the last minute fiscal cliff legislation that passed Congress this week, saying he supported it to “get this issue behind us, … prevent this massive tax increase and … focus on spending now.” The 2012 Republi... More
  • Ryan votes for ‘cliff’ bill, aims at spending cuts
    Jan 3, 2013  - BY JOE POTENTE, Kenosha News Just because he voted for the “fiscal cliff” compromise earlier this week didn’t mean U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan liked it. The Janesville Republican didn’t care for the bill’s lack of attention to spending cuts and debt. And he didn’t like the fact that it contained any tax inc... More