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  • Ryan to forego shutdown salary
    Oct 2, 2013  - By Racine Journal Times staff WASHINGTON — Through the duration of the government shutdown, Congressman Paul Ryan will donate his paycheck to charity, a spokesman said Tuesday. After Congress failed to pass a stopgap spending bill, the federal government shut down nonessential operations and furloug... More
  • Paul Ryan: House still fighting to delay Obamacare
    Sep 13, 2013  - By Rich Kirchen, The Business Journal With 17 days left before the launch of a major thrust of Obamacare, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan told a Waukesha business audience that he is fighting for a delay of the law’s requirement that small groups and uninsured individuals get health insurance. “One of the thing... More
  • Paul Ryan opposes Obama plan on Syria
    Sep 11, 2013  - By Bill Glauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Wednesday that he opposes President Barack Obama's plan on Syria, issuing a statement that outlined his concerns with the administration's handling of the crisis. Ryan's opposition could prove an important stumbling block ... More
  • Ryan Wants to Hear More on Syria, Says Obama Made 'Grave Missteps'
    Sep 3, 2013  - By Robert Costa, National Review Representative Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) just issued the following statement: “The President has some work to do to recover from his grave missteps in Syria. He needs to clearly demonstrate that the use of military force would strengthen America’s security. I want to hear... More
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: Ryan is right on immigration policy
    Jul 31, 2013  - Paul Ryan has been an advocate for repairing the country's broken immigration system for years. Long before he joined Congress, he worked with mentor Jack Kemp to promote a sensible, compassionate policy. Now, the Republican congressman from Janesville has a chance to lead a reform bill through a sh... More
  • The battle for US immigration reform
    Jul 26, 2013  - By Simon Carswell, The Irish Times Sitting in front of congressman Paul Ryan on his desk is a poster, Advice to Irish Immigrants, written by the Irish government and posted on ships leaving Ireland for the United States in the 1850s. “In remote parts of America, an industrious youth may follow any o... More
  • Numbers guru Paul Ryan says immigration is about economics
    Jul 26, 2013  - By Tim Mak, Washington Examiner Rep. Paul Ryan has made his reputation as a numbers man, a wonk whose expertise has been in the dry details of budgets, the country's fiscal path and entitlement reform. But the Wisconsin Republican has taken on an entirely new quest: immigration reform. It's an issue... More
  • Paul Ryan lays out immigration proposals in Racine town hall
    Jul 26, 2013  - By Bill Glauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Racine — Coming face-to-face with activists, immigrants and the children of undocumented immigrants, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan Friday laid out his proposals to achieve a consensus in Congress and push through long-sought reform of the nation's immigration laws. ... More
  • Rep. Paul Ryan: The War on Poverty has 'failed miserably'
    Jul 25, 2013  - By Tom Curry, National Affairs Writer, NBC News The War on Poverty, which President Lyndon Johnson declared nearly 50 years ago, has “failed miserably,” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said Thursday -- and he wants to figure out what approaches would work to get Americans out of poverty. “... More
  • Paul Ryan: Immigrants 'Bring Labor to Our Economy So Jobs Can Get Done'
    Jul 25, 2013  - By Nancy Cook, National Journal In the past month, Rep. Paul Ryan, normally so focused on fiscal matters, has shifted his attention to immigration. He isn’t pitching reform as a humanitarian or budget-cutting move, though other advocates say it would be both. Instead, the House Budget Committee chai... More