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  • The busy days of immigration reform's latest advocate, Paul Ryan
    Jul 22, 2013  - By TIM MAK, Washington Examiner Just halfway through Rep. Paul Ryan's frenetic morning schedule— 6:00 a.m., wake up in his office; 6:30: workout in the members-only House gym; 8:15: coffee and an interview; 8:30: a steering committee meeting — and his routine is already blown. The Wisconsin congress... More
  • Paul Ryan, Racine police chief speak in support of new Caledonia church
    Jul 21, 2013  - By KRISTEN ZAMBO, Racine Journal Times CALEDONIA — As dark thunder clouds rapidly swept through the region, lightening cut across the afternoon sky over a straw-covered field that soon will be home to Christian Faith Fellowship Church. With thunder sounding in the distance, and bolts of stark-white ... More
  • Ryan: Immigration reform will help business, schools
    Jul 19, 2013  - By Associated Press WASHINGTON — Rep. Paul Ryan says immigration reform will benefit honest employers in Wisconsin’s 1st District who are competing with businesses that hire lower-wage workers who are in the country illegally. Reform also would help curb Wisconsin’s heroin epidemic, fueled by Mexica... More
  • Ryan: Delaying Mandates Will Help Repeal Obamacare
    Jul 11, 2013  - By Andrew Stiles, National Review House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) is backing leadership’s proposal to hold votes next week on delaying the employer and individual mandates in Obamacare. Delaying the mandates will help Republicans achieve their ultimate goal of repealing the law ... More
  • Paul Ryan Immigration Q&A
    Jun 27, 2013  - By Jonathan Strong, National Review I spoke with House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who has recently emerged as a key figure in the debate. Ryan will play a Marco Rubio-like role in the House, using his sterling conservative credentials to help move forward legislation that many conservative... More
  • Can Paul Ryan sell immigration reform to conservatives?
    Jun 26, 2013  - By Caren Bohan, Reuters Paul Ryan, the Republican congressman and former vice-presidential candidate best known for his war on spending, is emerging as his party's leading champion of immigration reform in the U.S. House of Representatives. With Senate passage of a sweeping immigration bill imminent... More
  • Ryan: Snowden Must Be Brought to Justice
    Jun 24, 2013  - By Melanie Batley, Newsmax.com Edward Snowden's leak about the National Security Agency phone and Internet surveillance program was an "embarrassment" and the U.S. must do all it can to bring him to justice, according to Rep. Raul Ryan said Monday. "Facts are facts. He broke the law," the Wisconsin ... More
  • Back in the Fray
    Jun 18, 2013  - By Kyle Peterson, The American Standard It would be understandable if Paul Ryan didn’t want to stick his neck out just now. As the GOP vice-presidential nominee last year, Ryan spent four months on a whistle-stop tour of the country, shaking hands, answering questions, and speaking at campaign ralli... More
  • Ryan’s Hope
    Jun 14, 2013  - BY FRED BARNES, The Weekly Standard Paul Ryan has been pro-immigration since he worked for Jack Kemp and Bill Bennett two decades ago at Empower America, a now-defunct conservative think tank. When National Review ran a cover story, “Why Kemp and Bennett Are Wrong on Immigration” in 1994, Ryan wrote... More
  • Paul Ryan: IRS ‘withheld information’
    May 17, 2013  - By KATIE GLUECK, Politico Friday’s congressional hearing featuring outgoing IRS head Steven Miller raised more questions about the scandal enveloping that agency, but one thing was clear to Rep. Paul Ryan on Friday afternoon. “We have many more questions that result from today’s hearing,” Ryan (R-Wi... More