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Paul Ryan on Ukraine: 'This Is What Happens When You Project Weakness Abroad'

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March 04, 2014 | comments

by John McCormack, The Weekly Standard

In a radio interview Monday, House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan said that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is another result of President Obama's weakness on defense and foreign policy. "I think it’s one more chapter in what happens when you project weakness abroad through your foreign policy, through your defense policy, and aggression fills that vacuum," Ryan told radio host Michael Medved.

The 2012 vice presidential candidate and potential 2016 presidential candidate called on President Obama to rally allies to support sanctions against Russia. "The things ought to be doing are rallying the case for sanctions; specifically, we should be upping our exports of natural gas to this region; and showing that there will be real consequences for these kinds of actions and calling it for what it is," he said.

Ryan is well-known as a hawk on fiscal policy, but he said Monday that he's actually more concerned about the damage President Obama has done to America's standing on the world stage. "The fear I have is that all the domestic problems the President has created, I know we can fix those," Ryan said. "I know we can fix the budget, the economy, health care if we win elections and put these good ideas that we’re offering in place. It’s the lasting damage to foreign policy and world affairs that’s going to be a deeper hole that we’re going to have to dig out of as a country. I really worry that he has put our foreign policy and our defense policy on such a bad trajectory that it’s going to have huge consequences that are going to last a long time in this world."


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