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Ryan Discusses A #BetterWay with WCLO’s Tim Bremel

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November 29, 2016 | Ian Martorana (202-225-3031) | comments

WASHINGTON, DC Today Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, spoke with WCLO’s Tim Bremel about implementing House Republicans’ agenda, A Better Way, in 2017.

Outlining legislative priorities for next year:

“The first priority is to get the economy growing, get the economy moving. Regulatory relief is a huge part of that. Just go talk to any small-business person . . . and you’ll hear an earful about regulations that are holding them back. So that’s one of the things an incoming administration can bring some immediate relief to, in addition to bills in Congress that we’re working on.”

“The health care law is really doing a lot of harm in that people have much fewer choices—some have no choices—and extremely high premiums. . . . So Obamacare relief is something we think is really high and early on the agenda.”

“Reforming the tax code is soon thereafter. That we think is extremely important for economic growth. We’re losing American companies. We’re losing jobs. And we think we can get far faster economic growth and wage growth by reforming our tax system.”

“The tax code is so messy, it’s such a special-interest cesspool, and we want to clean that up. And then, we’ve got all these other issues—like foreign policy, rebuilding the military—that we need to address. . . . Securing the border is a high priority. Take a look at the heroin epidemic we have in Wisconsin. Take a look at some of the crime that comes from . . . a porous border.

“And then while we work on that, we want to work on poverty and restoring our constitutional separation of powers, which is part of regulatory relief and regulatory reform. So those are effectively the six pieces that we’ve been talking about. And the incoming administration, we see eye to eye on these things. And so now, we’re just figuring out how to execute this agenda so that we can get people safe, get people in good jobs, and get this economy growing.”

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